Moundville Plantation, aka Wartell House, c.1827



Pierre Gabriel Wartelle was born the son of a wealthy merchant in Brie, France, in 1787. He received his education at the Fontainebleau Military School, and in 1802, he enlisted as an officer in the French army. He served for thirteen years, attaining the rank of captain. During that time, he participated in the Napoleonic Wars in Poland, Austria, Germany and Russia. Wartelle subsequently immigrated to New Orleans, La., where he began a series of commercial ventures and acquired real estate holdings in the business district of the city. In 1820, he settled in St. Landry Parish, La., as a cotton and sugarcane planter. He also established general stores in Opelousas, Ville Platte and Lake Charles. He married Louisa King, daughter of Judge George King, in 1827. After their marriage, they acquired a large plantation at Moundville, La., in St. Landry Parish. The couple had six children who survived into adulthood, George King, Jean Gabriel, Annette, Felix, Amelia and Ferdinand. His youngest son, Ferdinand, married Marie Anne Lastrapes, granddaughter of General Antoine Garrigues de Flaugeac. Pierre Wartelle died June 25, 1865. After his death, Moundville continued as a working plantation, but eventually his heirs were forced to sell the New Orleans properties in order to maintain the plantation.

[Special Collections, LSU Libraries, Mss. 5025]

The plantation is closed to the public.